United Structures' District Sales offices are located throughout the Southeastern United States. Each District Sales office is fully capable of providing proposals on your projects. Our District Sales offices are staffed and supported by employees dedicated to providing value engineering, and technical support for any of your Cold-Formed Steel Truss needs.

What Products are Right For You

The Engineer of Record has specified building codes, load requirements, and the building envelope to meet the building requirements. Our District Sales offices will work with you to fine tune and optimize the proper products to meet those specifications and provide for you, and your customer, optimized pricing.

The Services You Need

United Structures will provide the detailing, engineering, project management, manufacturing and installation necessary to meet your customer’s requirements in the timeframe necessary. In addition, because of our value engineering experience, many of our customers include us on their design team – especially when projects are over budget, on an expedited schedule, complex design projects, or are strapped with other financial considerations.

Other Items To Consider

Our Manufacturing facility and Installation Teams are strategically located across the Southeastern United States to provide economical freight and installation costs. In addition, we balance our customer's requirements with the production facility in order to meet our valued customer’s construction requirements.

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