Frequently Asked Questions

What scope of work is typically included in the proposal?

United Structures will typically include in our proposal for trusses:

  • Pricing for Prefabricated Cold-Formed Steel Trusses, with engineering, transportation, clips, bracing, and misc metals.
  • Pricing for Complete Installation of the Cold-Formed Steel Trusses.
  • Pricing to provide and install metal deck or plywood sheathing on top of the Cold-Formed Steel Trusses.

How are the Cold-Formed Steel Trusses attached to the bearing walls or beams?

United Structures will typically provide an engineered truss to bearing attachment detail for all bearings used within the project including masonry, structural steel, poured concrete, steel studs, etc. including the screws, weld, tap cons, or other fasteners that are required. Refer to the technical information on this website.

Can trusses be modified at the jobsite?

Trusses can be modified in the field only if approved by United Structures. United Structures is responsible for the engineering integrity of the Cold-Formed Steel Truss system. Only United Structures can authorize field repairs in advance. The required modifications or repairs are required to be documented by engineered, stamped truss modification drawings designed specifically for the modification or repair. If modifications or repairs are completed without approved stamped truss modification drawings, all Cold-Formed Steel Truss warranties and support will be null and void and the party making such modifications or repairs will take full legal responsibility for the structural performance of the roof system.

How much of your Cold-Formed Steel Truss products are recyclable?

All material is 100% recyclable.

Do Cold-Formed Steel Trusses contribute to LEED points?

LEED points may be obtained under the areas of MR2 "Construction Waste Management" and MR4 "Recycled Content", and MR5 "Regional Materials" dependng on project locations.

What type of quality control process does United Structures utlize?

United Structures utilizes it's own in-house quality control process which meets or exceeds all industry standards.

What does your Bid Proposal look like?

Please click here for a sample bid proposal.

What does your Shop Drawings look like?

Please click here for a sample shop drawing.

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